The crypto industry is a growing one, with so many people picking interest due to its profitability. However, venturing into this industry requires a high level of research. One of the books reviews to take advantage of is The Crypto Factor by Paul Democritou & Blaise Mathai. This crypto book review provides some of the key points to learn from The Crypto Factor.

More on the Crypto Factor

The book titled is “The Crypto Factor: Peek Behind the Blockchain and Discover What It Takes to Succeed in The Cryptosphere”. It is written by Paul Democritou & Blaise Mathai as a detailed guide to help newbies who want to succeed in the crypto guide. The book also provides industry expert opinions on what it takes to become a leader. 


The Crypto Factor book


The interviewees

In this crypto book review, we can see that Paul went through a rigorous process in picking the right set of interviewees. In the end, he aims to ensure that the book becomes a great resource in your hands. Some of the interviews include the following:

  • ANDREAS ANTONOPOULOS who is an open blockchain experts
  • JOHN MCAFEE is a two-time U.S. presidential candidate.
  • ROGER VER is a prominent Bitcoin Cash supporter.
  • TONE VAYS is a blockchain specialist, and a leader in Bitcoin maximalist.
  • DEREK L. JONES is the co-founder of “mom-friendly”.
  • J.R. WILLETT is an ICO investor, and founder of UpToken.
  • NICHOLAS MERTEN is a long-time stock market student and cryptocurrency trader.
  • JOSH ROSENBLATT is a lawyer specializing in all things cryptocurrency.

Other contributors

Other interviewees include the following:

  • BRIAN D. EVANS is Blockchain Influencer of the Year 2018
  • NAOMI BROCKWELL is the host of Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • CHARTING MAN DAN  talks crypto on The Chart Guys YouTube channel.
  • CATALINA CASTRO has first-hand experience of the cryptocurrency boom in Latin America.
  • JAMES LEE (JL777) is an inventor and lead developer of Komodo.
  • CALVIN BRADLEY is the founder of Blockchain for Change and CEO of SCIK.
  • JOEL COMM is a best-selling author.

What you will learn

This crypto book review takes a look at what you will learn When you choose to order this book. The Crypto Factor is available on Amazon kindle. Firstly, when you order, you will be taking the first steps towards succeeding in the cryptosphere. In addition, you also get to learn from practical experience as narrated by experts in the crypto space. 

In conclusion, the book also discusses in detail the key principles to succeeding from an expert perspective. Other information in this book includes the history of bitcoin, failures to expect as a crypto investor. You will also learn about the future of Cryptocurrency, the spirit of enterprise, the future of money and many more. 

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