​Who is The Crypto Factor?

Paul Democritou is a powerhouse author, entrepreneur, and the host of the Crypto Factor YouTube Channel. He has been training sales and marketing teams on consumer psychology for over 25 years.

After a secondary career as an entertainer, producer, and as a video director. He returned to his passion and pivoted into sales, and marketing in the blockchain industry. Working with major projects, infleuncers, and companies since 2017.

His intensive Marketing Mastery Coaching teaches businesses how to create, and apply their marketing playbooks as well as their game plans to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing.

After battling with cancer 3 times since 2016. Paul decided to stop working in high stress level c-level positions, and focus on his YouTube channel as well as courses, coaching sessions, and consulting services.

Paul is the author of The Crypto Factor series where some of the largest names, and pioneers in crypto have contributed to, as well as the co-creator of Mintable.app’s NFT Sellers University.