Books by Paul Democritou

Are you expanding your skill set in the world of blockchain, sales, and marketing? Check out these books by Paul Democritou Author, and host of The Crypto Factor to help you on your journey.

Crypto Marketing Playbook

The most successful marketers in the world have their own playbook with little-known secrets they use everyday. Now finally thanks to The Crypto Marketing Playbook-you can, too.

The Crypto Factor

Peek into the minds of crypto insiders and discover what it actually takes for you to succeed in the Blockchain industry.

The Crypto Factor Part 2

Contact us if you want to be a part of The Crypto Factor Part 2 – coming soon!

Crypto Marketing Essentials

Unleash these powerful techniques to manipulate human psychology to supercharge your influence and drive attention to your project.

Success I.A.O

While there’s no such thing as guaranteed success, there are established principles, and breadcrumbs you can follow. Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert, and speaker. He’s also a cancer survivor. Using his own experience, and sharing the teachings of his real-life and mentors, he lays out a path that anyone can follow to become successful – no matter what life has thrown at you so far.

How to Sell a Pen – Really!

Prepare yourself for immediate results as international sales expert and author Paul Democritou teaches you everything you need to shatter your perceived ceilings… and magically increase your sales, whatever you’re selling.

In just 108 pages Democritou reveals dozens of sales secrets, amassed during his 25+ years in sales.

The Closers Part 3

The Closers – Part 3 moves beyond Master Closers to Sales Infiltration, combining classic sales closing techniques with modern technology and sales psychology to demystify why some salespeople succeed while others are left floundering.

The 5Ps of Persuasion

Use sales neuroscience, behavioral economics & subliminal triggers in direct sales and on landing pages, emails, phone scripts, sales videos and convert like a pro. Guaranteed.