With Christmas coming up many of you are wondering what amazing crypto gifts you can get people that are into cryptocurrency that they will love in 2022. So here are 7 amazing crypto gifts to get you and your loved ones this Christmas, and while you are at it, Maybe pick something up for yourself and put it under the Christmas tree. I mean you deserve it, and you can always claim it was Santa!


Ballet Hardware Wallet

This is an amazing crypto gift for Christmas for people that are just entering into cryptocurrency or veteran HODLERs alike. A customizable 24 carrot gold plated hard crypto wallet that holds your cryptocurrency safely, and dependably. There’s a variety of products to choose from, and you also get 30% discount on any of their products plus more bonuses using our link!

What’s special?

Cold Storage: Ballet wallets are 100% offline. Storing your crypto assets in offline cold storage prevents unauthorized electronic access to the funds.

Multicurrency Support: Each Ballet REAL Series wallet can simultaneously store over 200+ different crypto assets.

NFT Support: Store and display NFTs, transforming digital collectibles into physical form.

Wallet Logo: The wallet logo corresponds with the deposit address on the QR code sticker.


Ellipal Titan, And Titan Mini

Talking about crypto wallets have you seen the new Ellipal Titan, and Ellipal Titan Mini? These are Amazing crypto Hard Wallets that actually connect to your phone, feature some crazy innovative protection, as well as options, and the design and quality is beyond belief. I Recently did an unboxing video for the Titan, and the Titan mini, and let me tell you nothing comes close to these wallets, and the price is much lower than what this wallet has to offer especially with the bonus we are giving you from The Crypto Factor 🙂

Of course if you prefer the original Ledger Nano X you can pick one of those up with a special discount on our affiliate page here.


The Bitcoin Standard – by Saifedean Amous

If you are serious about cryptocurrency then you need to know why bitcoin stands out from the rest but also bout its principles as hard sound money. The Bitcoin Standard is the best book you can read to learn about bitcoin, and its importance but also about how money actually works. You will learn about the history, and evolution of money. How Fiat does not work, and why the Gold standard was the best system we had, and why we should be moving to a bitcoin standard. One of my favorite books I have ever read. A real eye opener. Warning: After reading this book anyone who tells you bitcoin is old tech, too expensive, or why it cant work will be hard to resist making fool of by you in front of everyone listening to the conversation.

If they already have The Bitcoin Standard, then check out some of these books by The Crypto Factor you can give them instead. Quality is  guaranteed, and you also get to support me as an author 🙂


Prefer a Corporate Gift?

Do you know someone that has a cryptocurrency company or project or planning on starting nd NFT collection or metaverse game? No matter what they are building, marketing is key. Why not get them their own copy of The Crypto Marketing Playbook? It will unleash secret emotional triggers in their audience’s brains for explosive growth. Show them you care, and they will definitely value your gift, and you.

The Crypto Marketing Playbook

Alternatively here are some more crypto business books for cryptopreneur’s and people in the business of crypto.


Crypto Apparel, Clothes, mugs, and more (Even for Your Pets)!

Almost nothing comes close to some good old crypto t-shirts, sweaters, and mugs. But not these! See at our Crypto Factor Shop these crypto gifts are far superior, and have custom made designs, and are selected for top quality. Check out out our crypto shop featuring the “Multi Bitcoinaire selection” of mugs, t-shirts, and doggy clothes, as well as some from our very own mascot DIAS with his BitBull HODL designs. All purchases are used for many treats!

Alternatively you can also check out some cool classic gear on amazon here.


HUGE Exclusive Bonus on ByBit!

So this is a bit different but why not get your loved ones an exclusive account on ByBit with a huge Bonus from The Crypto Factor? Maybe they want to buy some bitcoin, or crypto, or even test out their trading skills. Or maybe you want to get them some crypto as a present, and send it to their cool new wallet you just bought them? Whatever the case this is the best offer you will get out there. Just be careful, and tell the not to use too much leverage!

Want to check out some other exchanges with bonuses? Check out these crypto exchanges instead.


cameo on the crypto factor

So you want something original for your friend that doesn’t get crypto, or maybe he is too much in poo coins, or maybe you want to poke some fun of him or even wish him luck this year in is crypto journey. No matter what message you want to send, serious or funny. Why not get him a personalized cameo by The Crypto Factor? That’s right for just 0.01 BTC I can create a personalized video for your loved one that you can send them. Or for only 0.03 BTC I’ll even officially upload it to The Crypto Factor Channel for everyone to see. This will be an amazing gift they will never forget, and no one else will either. Contact me here for details.


Paul Democritou - creator of The Crypto Factor


There you have it 7 amazing crypto gifts for Christmas 2022. Make sure you visit our YouTube channel for more crypto videos. NOTE: I hear there are some crypto Christmas giveaways coming so make sure you subscribe for a chance to win! 🙂

Merry Christmas, & Happy Holidays.


Paul – The Crypto Factor