Several ways can be effective in expanding your crypto project. Talking to investors about your crypto project is one of the most effective ways to bring more funds. Speaking to investors can be very easy if you are familiar with the rudiments. But it can sometimes be the most challenging crypto task if you don’t know how to go about it. Remember, crypto marketing has a lot to do with talking to cryptocurrency investors.

As I said in my book “The Crypto Marketing Playbook, “you will be faced with three types of investors. It will be ranging from newbie investors to modest investors who are always investing. Finally it will include the bigger investors that are used to funding cryptocurrency projects. This set look for startups they know have potentials.

When you engage these three different categories of investors, you will require different skills and approaches. Do not be surprised that you will not approach a prominent investor the way you approach an inexperienced investor. While you may need a direct approach with the big investors, the cases may differ with starting investors. Starting investors will prompt you to explore various steps to make them understand what crypto is all about. What matters most is knowing what it takes and how to talk to your investors about your cryptocurrency project.

How you talk to your investors can be a determinant of many things. Apart from referring other like-minded investors to your cryptocurrency project, talking to them may also determine their investment capital. Talking to them is an essential aspect of your crypto project. That is because many investors largely decide how effective their communication from crypto companies is before considering their service. Thankfully, there is a wide range of ways to talk to your investors about your crypto project. Some may include press releases of annual reports, and of course one of the most effective tools, the direct approach.


Talking to investors

Adopting one of the tools to engage investors for your cryptocurrency project requires you to preplan your word choice. You need to know how to frame your words and context provision. You can adopt any of the following means to talk to investors of any of the above-discussed categories. Here are methods to talk to your investors about your crypto project. Of course, there are more, and you can learn about them from my book “The Crypto Marketing Playbook. “



Talk to them about your crypto project about their needs

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a crypto marketing expert, I recommend first talking to them about the project and what it needs. Not many crypto companies understand this is very important, and ignoring it can affect your crypto project. Many crypto projects are discussed with investors based on their market size. Crypto-investors find it interesting to understand how a crypto company is faring in large markets. However, it is vital to understand other important things than size.

Effective running of crypto projects needs a clear articulation of the market. Engage investors in what they should know about your cryptocurrency project. Talking to them about their needs may require you to introduce investors to projects through various means. This may include situations such as seminars or workshops. But this is depending on the category they belong to in the cryptocurrency investment industry.


Crypto Marketing Playbook



Do not underestimate the competition

As an expert crypto marketer, I can tell you for certain that many people underestimate their competition far too much. The major truth about every crypto project is that competition is rampant, and many markets are competitive. Ignoring competition in the market or not expecting other cryptocurrency project competitors to outshine and undermine your project is unwise. While you talk to crypto investors, you should try to get them to realize this fact.

Investors already have an idea of your competitors, including the project they offer. They must know you are also aware of the competition. They must also know that you have plans to outshine or compete well with them.

While talking to investors, ensure to let them know why your crypto project is different from the rest. Discuss on how you can compete well with the big cryptocurrency companies. If you cannot convince them about what differentiates your cryptocurrency project from the rest, it may discourage them from investing more or investing at all in your company.

I explained this point in my book “The Crypto Marketing Playbook.” When you engage investors, especially the newbies, they will become the most active ambassadors of your crypto project. Convincing them will create an emotional connection to their investments. In turn it makes them enthusiastic about creating a niche around your crypto project. You can find out more about recognizing competition; the book has more explanation on it.


Let them know their importance to your crypto project

Talking to crypto investors and giving detailed explanations about this aspect will convince them about your cryptocurrency project. Talk to them by letting them know why they should invest in your project. Letting them know their importance to your project may require you to further explain your development stage towards projects to come. Clarifying why you need their money in your project requires you to discuss your plans toward your project expansion. It can also be your plan to hire more people.

However, you have to take things easy while talking to them. Regardless of the three categories these investors may belong to, as discussed earlier you need to be diplomatic. Let them have enough time to ponder what you have said and give them a little time to think. Don’t be in a hurry to hear their reply. Silence indicates they are contemplating your offer. If you will need to train the beginners, ensure to have every required material in place.


Have a concise pitch

Talking to investors of all types requires you to have a concise pitch. You should be clear and concise enough. If you find this to be difficult, practicing your pitch before a mirror will be helpful. You may even choose to practice it with other persons, including a partner in your cryptocurrency project. Talking to them may not be enough at times as you need to explain further using email messages.

As a crypto marketing expert, I have concluded that having a concise pitch can be enough to convince an investor to adopt your crypto project. Avoid being ambiguous. Be straightforward and clear in your words. Please pay attention to every word they say to ensure you are carried along.



Your words and how you say them matter a lot when talking to both existing and new investors for your crypto projects. The way you talk is powerful enough to either convince them or confuse them. Putting these things into practice is essential. Stick to every crucial point noted from “The Crypto Marketing Playbook.

Whenever you engage crypto investors directly, make sure not to make cold calls. You can have an advantage over other competitors who have spent a long time in the crypto project, regardless of their experience. Leverage your network for connecting with other investors.