Crypto marketing can be incredible if you plan to have sustainable growth of your services in the long term. Achieving these long-term goals for a crypto company can be pretty easy if you have the required skills. However, no matter the number of available skills and level of your expertise in the crypto services, it will be a costly mistake to ignore the basic crypto marketing strategy. Making referrals. Clients’ referrals help generate new clients, making it one of the most reliable ways to grow your crypto company.

Making referrals can sometimes be tricky. Especially if you have no ideas of how it works. You may end up losing a prospective crypto investor or customer who could be among the best of your customers. Making referrals for your crypto services, as I have explained in “The Crypto Marketing Playbook,” can be easier by creating a connection based on mutual acquaintance’s suggestions. This connection can be essential in generating referrals for many B2B sales, including your crypto company referral. Making common mistakes when you approach a potential referral for the first time will create a long and lasting impression. Whether that’s on the positive or negative side. How you ask for referrals has a long-term effect on your crypto company, determining the trust between you and your referrals.


Why do you even need referrals for a crypto company?

Naturally, I would say that people find it easier to trade with people they are familiar with. In other cases, people choose to trade with companies recommended to them instead of trading with new people. The same goes for referrals in a crypto company. There are limited chances that people would be converted from lead and prospect to paying customers when referred by someone closer. Like friends or family. If someone like a past investor who has previously enjoyed your crypto services refers a person to your crypto company, you should be convinced that it is more of a five-star review.

A scenario I present from my book “The Crypto Marketing Playbook” is, “Hi, I’m Paul. Your friend provided me with your contact and having enjoyed our services for years, he thinks it is okay you enjoy the same as well”. This simple approach is convincing enough to tie the new person to your crypto company. Using this approach will first create an impression that your friend who connected you has truly enjoyed their services, and your chances of them becoming a customer are high. As a crypto marketing expert and a crypto marketing service provider, I can conveniently say that referrals help bring value for your services and create trust for your crypto company, amongst other reasons you need referrals. But, how do you ask for referrals for any crypto company?


How to ask for referrals for any crypto company


Put referrals in your discussion

If you engage an existing or new customer, especially when selling out your crypto services, make a straightforward deal with them. How does that sound? It doesn’t seem difficult because when they enjoy your crypto services. You are likely to have more interest in recommending other customers to reach out to you. Why? You may wonder why this is effective? It is because there is a balance. At this point, there is no excess pressure while you ask them to get you referrals. They are okay with telling loved ones about your superb service, trusting that they will get the same treatment. With this point in hand. It is convincing enough that the most important thing is offering satisfying services. Which will, in turn, make them refer more like-minded investors to your crypto company. But at this point, I digress.


Crypto Marketing Playbook


Create a friendly atmosphere

Crypto companies can always have more investors joining their moving trains. Any crypto company can quickly ask for a referral at the end of every sale or crypto service rendered, having created a friendly environment with them. Find out from them if they have other investors willing to deal and benefit from your crypto services just as they did. You should avoid asking them in this manner, “Do you know anyone who would like this?” By asking questions in this manner, you limit their referrals to a specific number which may not even proceed after referring a few to you. Even when more people need your services. Instead, be more vast in your statement, “If you ever meet anyone who would love our service, please be sure to send them our way.”


Exceptional service delivery

It is essential not to forget that exceptional services come first regardless of the experience your crypto company has. Failure to deliver effective services may cut the chances of new traders trading with your company. Besides, no existing investor will want to provide the details of prospects since your services are not convincing. Getting referrals will be difficult. Except your services rendered to people is of high quality, even far above the standard of a crypto company. Every crypto company should strive to impress all the time, not only to get the referral they crave but to keep their reputation.


Use word of mouth

Word of mouth has been, if not the most, then it should be one of the most effective means of generating both sales and referrals. Many people who receive emails about specific goods or services are likely to discard them. My book, as mentioned earlier, stretched on using word of mouth to ask for referrals for any crypto company. Generally, referrals get convinced by someone who approaches them one on one, informing them about a particular product or service than from an online message of the same content. Using word of mouth creates a strong endorsement for your crypto company, including a strong bond that will last for a long.


Promotional offers

Brands have enjoyed this feature for a long time, and crypto companies should not be left out as well. What about giving new investors free coins to trade on your platform? That will be exceptional to ask for referrals, and undoubtedly, you can welcome new traders on board since everyone loves “freebies.” A few discounts on your services alone will draw many traders to your crypto platform. Ever thought of having affiliates? If you reward existing traders who generate new referrals, they can quickly turn affiliates. And you can always create a reward system every time anyone refers a client to your crypto business. This is a sure way to have more clients actively working on getting referrals.



Generating referrals for your crypto company is easier than you think when you know what it takes and uses them effectively. Not many understand what it takes to ask for referrals. Even from long-term customers, which has retarded their growth and returns. My book “The Crypto Marketing Playbook” has much more information on all you need to ask for referrals and get them for your crypto company.