The crypto Factor is a great book for beginners and experience crypto currency traders. It is perfect for people who want to read and understand experts perspectives on how to become successful in the crypto world.  Furthermore, the crypto factor frequently asked questions section provides some questions and answers on crypto currency. It helps you have a better understanding of the crypto world.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital and decentralized currency based on blockchain technology. Like fiat currencies, cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange and can buy and sell goods and products. Many people also invest in it like they do in stocks and gold.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is outside the control of governments and central authorities. In other words, cryptocurrency is not subject to government regulations. This means transactions are on a direct peer-to-peer basis online securely and without the need for an intermediary.

As a result, transaction fees are minimal, and payments is received instantly from anywhere in the world. Many cryptocurrencies exist today, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, X.R.P., Stellar, Binance coin, and more.

What is N.F.T.? 

N.F.T. stands for Non Fungible Tokens. To understand what Non Fungible Tokens are, it’s important to know what fungible tokens mean. Fungible tokens are assets with units that can be readily interchanged – like money.

For instance, a dollar bill is fungible because you can easily swap it with another dollar of the same value. N.F.T.s are digital assets with unique properties that distinguish them from each other.

Over the years, N.F.T.s have become a hot topic in the cryptocurrency community, especially you can buy and sell them  using cryptocurrencies. N.F.T.s and cryptocurrency are two central topics at Crypto Factor.

What is Crypto Factor?

Crypto Factor means different things. It is a book, podcast, T.V. show and movement that Paul Democritou spearheads. All of these have one thing in common. They discuss all things cryptocurrency, with contributions from some of the most successful people and pioneers in the Crypto community.

Whether you’re a newbie to cryptocurrency or  an enthusiast, Crypto Factor provides an excellent opportunity to learn experts.  These experts are the most respected and successful icons on how to succeed in the cryosphere.

So when you want to understand the twists in the world of crypto, Paul Democritou is the expert you want to follow. This crypto factor FAQ section has provided a link on how to get in touch with paul.

Who is Paul Democritou?

A powerhouse author,  and blockchain marketing consultant, Paul Democritou is a successful sales and marketing trainer based in Greece. He began his journey at a very young age in the Timeshare industry. Paul’s passion for success has seen him move to the blockchain industry.

Today, Paul works with several major blockchain projects, influencers and startups as an international business consultant. In addition, he shares his extensive knowledge and wealth of experience with businesses. This he does through  his Marketing Mastery Coaching. The training teaches businesses to apply their Marketing Play Books and Game Plans to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing.

Paul is also the Head of Marketing at CoinMetro, a fully licensed and regulated crypto exchange. He works with Mintable, a leading N.F.T. marketplace in special projects such as the Sellers University. He has recorded numerous achievements as a Vlogger and sales and marketing expert.

In addition, Paul is highly sought after by tech companies with unique and innovative products. These companies are  looking to make giant strides in reaching their target audience through The Crypto Factor Show.

What is the Crypto Factor Show? 

The Crypto Factor Show boasts dozens of educative, thought-provoking and informative episodes. It has more than 18,000 highly engaged subscribers and investors. The channel has surpassed 1.5 million views since its inception on YouTube. No thanks to the daily 60 seconds videos, live streams and interviews. The show features major founders in the crypto industry. Popular names include Adrian Paul, Richard Heart, Tone Vays, Tyler Hill and Zach Burks, among several others.

What is The Crypto Factor Book? 

Paul Democritou and blockchain expert Blaise Mathai co-wrote the crypto factor book. This book is a compilation of tested and proven secrets from the thought leaders in the cryptocurrency world. It is essentially an interview series with some of the most influential pioneers in the cryptosphere. The interview touches on various critical topics, including Pandora’s box with John McAfee. Others are the Spirit of Enterprise, The Future of Money and more.

How many books has Paul written? 

Paul Democritou is an accomplished author with 7 published books. These books cover topics like crypto, marketing, sales and success. In this crypto factor faq you will learn some of the books written by paul, they include:

  • Crypto Marketing Playbook
  • The Crypto Factor
  • The Crypto Factor 2
  • Crypto Marketing Essentials
  • Success I.A.O.
  • How to Sell a Pen – Really!
  • The Closers Part 3

How do I get featured on the book, podcast and/or show?

The Crypto Factor features only crypto experts on the podcast and show. To check if you are eligible for an interview by Paul Democritou, kindly fill this form. You will get a reply in no time. You can also send an email to

How can Paul help my business with marketing and sales? 

Paul has a track record of success in the Timeshare and blockchain industries. As a result, he can help improve the marketing of your business with novel strategies. Similarly, Paul has great copywriting skills to create a sales copy that help you rake in revenue. For sales and marketing consulting, send an email to

Why this frequently asked questions section?

This crypto factor frequently asked questions provides answers to key questions you must know when venturing into the crypto world. If you have other questions and also want to feature in Paul’s next podcast, kindly use the email above to get in touch.